Orlando, FL 2017

THANK YOU Orlando for validating, authenticating & endorsing the
people’s movement called the “Save Abee Foundation for Children”.
Your overwhelming support is the reason why our 1st Annual CHUTNEY GLOW
Orlando (Glow in the O) was “SOLD OUT” one whole week in advance.
We are grateful to all the Artistes, Dancers, DJs, Sound, Lights,
MCs, Tassa, Techs, Radio, All Media, Helpers, Donors, Volunteers… the
entire Team, for volunteering your service for FREE.
Our biggest expense was the Hall rental (Heaven Event Center)
but we were still able to make a profit of $11,865.

The Save Abee Foundation has always been & will always be transparent.
100% of proceeds goes directly to the underprivileged children. When
you give $1, that whole Dollar goes directly to the children. The Save
Abee Foundation does not deduct any so called “Administration

We encourage you to join us in our various projects for the
underprivileged. For example, our Medical Outreaches, Christmas
Parties for 23 Orphanages and kindly visit the Save Abee School
anytime to see how we are practicing the “teach a man to fish”
philosophy and educating kids in Computer technology and more.
Thanks again on behalf of our founder, Sham Tilak, and the entire team
of the Save Abee Foundation for Children.

(March 17, 2018 will be our 2nd annual Chutney Glow in the O, Orlando.
Please save the date).

Our sincere gratitude to you & your families & friends for your support.
The Save Abee Foundation is a legally registered 501(c) organization
EIN 27-1272153.